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A note about our methodology:

As a recently established organization, our goal is to provide you with the most accurate information possible. However, we are not a rating system. “GoEO Likes” means just that - these are brands, farms, retailers and butchers that share the GoEO philosophy. Please use our recommendations as guidelines, but guidelines that we at GoEO express confidence in. The methodology we use for “GoEO Likes” items can come from several sources.  First, there are several online databases we use such as those providing humane ratings labels as well as those providing increased transparency on local farms. We also like to check the information provided on farmer’s websites. We try to perform an onsite visit whenever possible. Should you have comments or would like to recommend certain farms, brands, retailers or restaurants that you believe GoEO please get in touch with us.  We encourage you to visit the “Buy EO Now” section for links to humane ratings organizations.

The GoEO Toolbox: GoEO LIKES